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Have you been meaning to refresh your indoor or outdoor area but have no time in your busy schedule? Or maybe you don’t want to spend a fortune on garden accessories? We’ve got you covered!

Today we will be welcoming you to our latest range of lightweight glazed pots. Our glazed pots are made from fine quality fiberglass, which increases strength and durability, making it the perfect pot to withstand any type of weather! Not to mention, they’re lightweight, to assist with ease of handling around your garden. Our favourite feature is their unique high lustre glaze, available in various shades to fit your space.

Below we will provide some tips on how to decorate your garden or home with our lightweight glazed pots.


Choose a simplistic plant to create a focal point

Embrace simplicity with a peace lily for your indoor area. With dark green leaves and snow-white flowers, this beautiful plant will brighten up your home. For your outdoor area we recommend a philodendron, for its large, jagged shiny leaves, perfect for a tropical touch to your garden.



Pick a unique plant to create a bold statement

We recommend pairing one of our glazed pots with a snake plant for your outdoor area. This plant is increasing in popularity due to its tall spear leaves, with yellow edges and patterned centres. For your indoor area, we recommend a monstera deliciosa. This popular tropical plant will grip you with its spotted hole-punched leaves.



Pair it alongside other glazed pots

Why have one glazed pot, when you can have a collection of glazed pots! We recommend pairing pots of the same glaze shades together, with plants from similar families to create an eye-catching statement in your garden.

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