Bali Hut 3 × 3m (4 × 4m roof coverage)

Bali Hut 3 × 3m (4 × 4m roof coverage)

Bali Hut 3 × 3m (4 × 4m roof coverage)

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Our Bali range can transform your home into a tropical paradise. Whether you are looking to create that exotic sanctuary reminiscent of your Bali holiday, or if you are simply wanting to enhance the ambiance of your outdoor lifestyle.

Our Bali huts make the perfect retreat from the sultry summer heat or rain, and can be used for entertaining, dining and relaxing in the shade. These Bali huts make a stylish feature for Asian-themed homes and can transform your ordinary outdoor space into an exotic paradise.

They are made from very durable raw materials such as thatched tree fibres and natural materials and traditionally serve as shelter and living spaces in Indonesia.

Bali Hut with 3 sides ( additional columns x 2 at front)

Span (Column to Column) = 3m x 3m

Roof Coverage = 4m x 4m

Material = Bamboo

Galavanised Boltd and Nuts

Installation manual


All Bali Huts are made of natural materials.Therefore the size and dimension may vary depend on size of bamboo.

Price does not include installation and delivery.